Guest Lecture on Triple Talaq Bill by Sh. Sandeep Sharma


Guest Lecture on Triple Talaq Bill by Sh. Sandeep Sharma
B. S. Anangpuria Institute of Law has taken an inspiring initiative of organizing Guest lectures.
The department invited Sh.SANDEEP SHARMA, a consultant at Ministry of law and justice, Govt. of India. The Institute was honored and privileged to have such an intellect and a polymath to aware the students on the topic ” The plight of Muslim women is not changed with the triple talaq”.
With his intellect and vast experience, he exemplified whether the condition of Muslim women has improved on realistic grounds after triple talaq judgment. He discussed SHAH BANO judgment and its aftermath illustrating how the role of religious orthodoxy in legitimizing the matter of faith possession is a major challenge to the question of women’s autonomy, marital and family life.
Gradually, the event turned into an interactive session. students filled with new zeal actively participated in the interactive session. They dug the areas of ‘Constitutional Law ‘ and ‘ Quranic Right of Equality and Justice ‘ by interacting with the speaker.
The entire event was quite didactic in itself. It opened new doors of opportunities for the students. It added to the holistic growth of the organization.