Guest Lecture by Adv. Aman Madan, Corporate Lawyer on 11th November 2019

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We have seen that many students who study law often find it difficult to integrate the legal provisions and present effective case studies. With this intent, we arranged a Lecture by Adv. Aman Madan, a renowned corporate lawyer. The lecture started with a morale boost as he guided our students on the moral aspects of becoming a lawyer. Through his practical experience, he briefed the students about the dynamic world and how lawyers are the ones who know everything that goes on in the entire world. He helped, enhance our students’ knowledge about the new highlights of the Companies Amendments Act 2015, Contract Act 1872, Provisions about merger and amalgamation, shareholder’s value, and protection of the interests of other stakeholders. He informed the students about how the student of business law can become corporate attorneys and work for small or large firms, government agencies, and even big corporations.