Moot Court @ BSAIL

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A Moot Court is a miniature version of a real courtroom where legal processes and trials are held. Such a Moot Court, also known as a Mock Court, was organized at BSAIL for the law students where they acted as professionals and assumed all of the responsibilities and duties assigned to them to demonstrate their ability to think creatively, answer convincingly when questioned, and demonstrate their oratory, writing and persuasive skills. A realistic court situation was set up with students acting as Councillors (Advocates) and presenting each side, Plaintiff and Defendant, using evidence. They argued with each other to prove their position in front of the judge, who then rendered his verdict and determined the winner based on the relevant questions of law.

Mooting is important as it provides the students with the experience of a real courtroom. It also helps the students develop all of the necessary habits and grasp all of the court’s policies and processes to better prepare for their future.