Orientation Programme Session (2022-2023), 20th September 2022

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We, at the B. S. Anangpuria Institute of Law, recently conducted an orientation programme on 20th September 2022 for the new students joining our institute this year for the 5year B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) programme. The primary agenda of this orientation was to acquaint the incoming students with the course structure and on-campus dos and don’ts.

With this orientation, the institute aimed to assist new entrants to transition effortlessly from Higher Secondary School to Law College. Efforts were made to familiarize students with the basics of law studies by taking assistance from legal professionals, who offered them practical insights into the legal field.

The Orientation Programme gained in-depth meaning and was glorified with the presence of eminent dignitaries

  • Hon’ble Sukirti Goyal, Chief Judicial Magistrate cum Secretary DLSA; District and Session Court, (Faridabad).
  • Sh. Vinod Kumar; Assistant Commissioner of Police, (Faridabad).
  • Ms. Aparna, Counsellor District Child Protection Office, (Faridabad).
  • Sh. Virender Singh; Traffic Sub Inspector, (Faridabad).
  • Sh. Satish Kumar Yadav; S.H.O. Cyber Crime Branch (Faridabad).

 Who attended the inauguration ceremony and shared their thoughts and experiences with our pupils.

On this occasion, Ms. Sukirti Goyal, in her speech addressing the students, spoke extensively about the Indian Judicial System. She urged the students to grow into responsible and law-abiding citizens and remain open to the idea of offering legal services to the unentitled free of cost. She also inaugurated the “Legal Literacy Club for Senior Citizens,” which happens to be a pivotal project under “Aging with Dignity”, which has been established under the direction of the District Legal Services Authority. The objective of this club is to educate students about the legal redressal options available to senior citizens so that no senior citizen ever suffers at the behest of unlawful practices.

Next on the pedestal was Ms. Aparna, who spoke about the “Efficacy of the Juvenile Justice Act” in the rehabilitation and reformation of children and its contradictions with the law. However, the highlight of her speech was the enlightenment she offered related to “The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012” or the “POCSO Act”. She showed her concern about the rising number of sexual offences against children and expressed her desire about introducing child-friendly laws when dealing with such offences is concerned.

Living in the digital era meant someone had to speak about the cyber laws, which is where Sh. Vinod Kumar came forward. He spoke about the pros and cons of technology, particularly highlighting the rising number of cybercrimes, most of which revolve around identity theft and credit card theft. Through the speech, Mr. Kumar intended to let the students know that getting hold of the culprit is possible only when people come forward to register such incidents.

Sh. Satish Kumar Yadav’s speech strongly backed the opinions of Sh. Vinod Kumar. He made an important addition, where he spoke about cyber cells forming a part of police departments to track down the people behind these heinous cybercrimes.

Sh. Virender came next to address the students. He offered insights into the New Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, and the fine structure for breaking traffic rules. He pointed out that many youngsters have been found to be breaking the rules. Thus, it becomes even more important to educate the masses about these regulations.

After the successful conclusion of these value-adding speeches, the Principal came over to offer a vote of thanks to all the dignitaries. He offered a warm welcome to all the new students and wished them the very best for their onward journey at the institution.