The Significance of Internships for Law Students


What do you think it is that holds a country together? Is it its Military? Is it Commerce or its Education System? While all these aspects are essential for the governance of a country, the one facet that stands extremely vital is the Law. However, since laws are formless statutes, who enforces them and protects the sanctity of the constitution? These individuals are called lawyers.


Now, becoming a potent lawyer is a long and arduous process, but once done, it is one of the noblest professions, as a lawyer is the one who embodies truth and justice. However, aspirants must realize that only academic knowledge will not allow them to become stellar at their jobs. You’ll have to get a “taste” of the industry first. This is where internships serve as a great way for aspirants to get a foot into the legal world. You can get valuable hands-on experience and connect with people in the field, which will aid you immensely in your career ahead.


Internships allow students to explore what they like and don’t like about different types of laws and how to tackle them later in their careers. They also allow the pursuers to explore the reality of the industry so that they are ready to face anything in their careers when they become lawyers themselves. Internships are hence a valuable tool for budding lawyers to gain practical experience about how the industry works.


In this article today, we, at B.S. Anangpuria Institute of Law, a well-known LLB college in Faridabad, will elaborate further on the importance of internships for law students and how they can help them find success in their future endeavors. Let’s read on.


List of Reasons Why Internship is Important for Law Students


Internships are a very important part of the law school experience. It is a way for students to gain practical work experience and make connections that will benefit their legal careers. The following are some reasons why internships are important for law students:


  • Gaining Experience: Internships are a great way to gain hands-on experience. It gives students a chance to see what the work environment is like and what it takes to be successful. It also gives them the chance to understand the industry better so they can tackle cases successfully when they become lawyers themselves.


  • Acquiring New Skillsets: Internships help interns gain valuable skillsets that will be needed in the workplace. They provide an opportunity to work with different people, making them stand out from other applicants in their job applications.


  • Gaining Knowledge of Law Types: Internships offer an opportunity to learn about different types of laws in several different settings. It also allows law students to explore different career paths before graduating and committing to one.


  • Getting Advice from Experts: Firms provide access to mentors and professionals who offer guidance and support. This helps interns gain valuable insight into the industry and grow as professionals.


  • Settle into a Routine: As mentioned earlier, getting a law degree is long and arduous. The work hours are long, and the pressure is immense. However, internships allow students to settle into a routine and get acclimatized to the work environment to learn to work as a team player.


  • Hiring Opportunities: Internships not only provide the students with valuable experience but also extend the opportunity to get hired by the companies offering internships.


Final Thoughts

The legal system of our great nation has evolved a lot and is a prime example of what a fair and just system should be like. It wouldn’t have attained its stellar reputation without the contributions of former great lawyers such as Subramaniam Swami, Sushma Swaraj, Ram Jethmalani, etc. Its evolution is ongoing, and fair amendments and new laws are coming into effect with time. Thus, it is obvious that with the help of our legal system, the country will soar to new heights previously unimaginable.


We, from the B.S. Anangpuria Institute of Law, a renowned Law college in Haryana, would like to urge aspirants to join this quest and take our nation to newer heights. It is a profession to be proud of and is desired by many. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” So, come and pursue legal studies from our institute and not just get prepared to contribute your bit to maintaining justice and peace but also attain the skills to have a flourishing career ahead.