Visit to Observation Home and Place of Safety, Faridabad- On 25th January 2023

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On January 25th, 2023, we at the B.S. Anangpuria Institute of Law organized a student visit to the Observation Home and Place of Safety (Women and Child Development Department) in Faridabad.

The visit enabled our students to interact with children in thejuvenile correction home who have either committed some crime or are there for some other reasons. The students got to examine every part of the juvenile correction home and their daily functioning.

Students learned that the prime purpose of juvenile correction homes is to separate criminal-minded young people from society and provide them with a kind of environment where they can work on correcting their mindset and are groomed into better individuals.

Some of the key aspects which are taken of at the juvenile correction centers include:

  • Treatment
  • Living conditions
  • Food and cleanliness
  • Water supply, bathroom, and toilet facilities
  • Lighting, radio, and television facilities
  • Reading room and games facilities
  • Medical facilities

The students were also explained the roles of the Supervising Probation Officer, House Mother, and all the other staff at the juvenile correction home. They were also explained how the overall environment of the place helps rehabilitate the delinquent children by mendingand improving their unlawful and antisocial mindset to provide them with the opportunity to become worthy and lawful citizens.