Visit to the District Jail Gurugram, Bhondsi on 18th April 2022

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Our students were taken for a visit to Bhondsi Jail, Gurugram, where they got to know about the lives of the inmates. They observed that the Prison Department was taking care of the food, clothing, bedding, healthcare and medical aid to the prisoners confined in the Jail. Students observed various reform activities undertaken in the jails like cultural programs, vocational training programs, yoga, games, meditation, literacy programs etc. The aim of arranging such activities was to enable the convicts as well as undertrials to be integrated into the society in a respectful and civilized manner after their release. The students were also informed that the Bhondsi jail was selected for the second phase of prison radio program in the state.

Students were informed that an NGO had been set up in association with a city-based private college and India Vision Foundation. The NGO was founded by former IPS officer Kiran Bedi and works for prison reforms. It had built a residential school near the prison with the aim of including inmates’ children with children of other families to assure better inclusion when they move out.